Sissy Phone Sex Exploration

Sissy Phone Sex

Wow, since joining the world of phone sex, I have learned so many new and exciting things, and one of the fetishes that I can not wait to explore is sissy phone sex!! Omg, I had a caller call me the other night, and he, or should I say SHE is a total sissy. I know I am new to this fetish, but I can see sissy phone sex becoming one of my favorite things to do.
The first thing that my caller told me was that he always wanted a girly name. His name is Sam, so I thought Sammi would be adorable. Sammi is kind of new to sissy phone sex too, so we had so much fun doing this together. She basically explained to me what feminization and sissification is, and my mind started to go, and I did so much fun things with the sissy.
I made Sammi go and raid her wifes closet and lingerie drawers. Sammi stripped down naked for me, and I knew that she would feel so much more like a sissy once she put on some feminine, girly , and a bit slutty clothes.
Sissy Sammi told me all of the options that there were, and I decided on a matching baby pink silk bra and panty set. His wife has huge DDD breasts, so I had Sammi stuff the bra with toilet paper hehe.
I had Sissy Sammi put on a tight little pink nighty, thigh high sheer stockings, and shiny black pump heels. I wasnt fully satisfied with the outfit, so I also had Sammi put on a flower headband, a pearl necklace, and sparkly body glitter.
Sissy Sammi was SO excited from our sissy phone sex call, so I made her stand in front of their bathroom full length mirror and use the panties to rub all over his soft spots 😉 Sissy Sammi made a big wet mess in her wifes panties, and decided to just lay in bed wearing them for the rest of the evening that she had to herself.
Ahh I have so many thoughts going through my mind, and I can’t wait to do another sissy phone sex call with Sammi, and many other sissys. So much fun! Wanna play? Call me, email me, or send me a message!

*Beautiful Brie Banks*


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